Why is my writing effective?

  • It addresses the audience as people, and doesn’t hound them for the sale (which never works anyway). I’m always focused on building a connection with the prospect.

  • It understands features & benefits, and recognizes that features (i.e., all about your products and company) always come after benefits (i.e., the things customers truly care about). People want to know “What’s in it for me?” before learning how it works.

  • It’s crisp, clear, and easy to comprehend. It’s mindful of “The Curse of Knowledge” (i.e., where you assume the reader knows more than they do).

  • It’s light and conversational—and writing like that gets read.

  • It clearly spells out how to take the “next step.” That means eliminating any barriers to picking up the phone, making the appointment, downloading the free guide, etc.

A copywriter with a marketing mindset

How good is a copywriter who doesn’t know how customers make buying decisions? Or one who doesn’t understand how to build a logical case for an offer? And who can write that offer, so prospects take action?

That’s what you get with me. A copywriter who understands sales and marketing strategy when writing copy.

Most of the marketing materials out there focus largely on a company and its products (features), not what’s important to the customer (benefits). There’s a crucial difference between copy that sells—and copy that has to be rewritten by someone like me.

A challenge: Read 10 brochures from 10 different companies, and see how many begin with what the customer is looking for, and how many start with what the company does. I’m betting at least 80% are all about the company doing x, y, and z.

The rest are “prospect-focused”—written by copywriters who understand sales and marketing.